Paintball RSS Feeds

If you didn’t know, I loves me Google Reader. It’s just so badass, but many paintball sites don’t have RSS feeds, or they’re hidden away. Most are stuck in the old, you have to go to the site site to get content phase. But, I’ve compiled a list of paintball releated RSS feeds, which some had to be made using

Or here they are:

Paintball Headlines – New Paintball Blog. Disclaimer: This is my site


You can have feeds for certain categories by adding feed to the end, like In The Media,

PbNation – Yes, I do hate the some of the people running the site, but they do have a user base.

News –
Tournaments (smaller ones) –,345,284,390,185,379,446,266,222,232,445,250,67,381,444,442,400,281,364,65
Tournaments (PSP, NPPL, Millenium) –,64,317 – NEWS Junkie and news forum. Not really sure what the differences are, but they usually have different content. Pretty good feed.
News –
News –

PbReview – Meh
News –

68 Caliber Has Been Removed. See this post. – Removed. Changed site design. – These are hidden away somewhere, but google found them
Headlines –
PRWire –

PSP – Tournament news. Feed 43
News –

ESPN – Any mentioning of paintball on the ESPN site
News –

Google BlogSearch – This is the feed for the search ‘paintball’. Not too bad of a source
News –

Technorati – The feed for the tag search of ‘paintball’. Mostly useless.
News –

PBHeadlines – Not to be confused with Paintball Headlines. Removed for being utter crap.

PbBucket – Removed since site has completely changed.

Paintball Journal – No longer updated. – Removed due to being a douchebag.

PaintballTimes – Kinda screwed up feed, and rarely updated?
News – – This indexes various B/S/T feeds and mashes them together. Full content. Disclaimer: This is my site.
B/S/T –

If you have anymore, let me know so I can add it. I’ll update this post as I find more feeds.

Last updated – Jun 17, 2007, Jul 11, 2007